Discover Baja's 4 Hidden Gems

Discover Baja's 4 Hidden Gems

In the past years, Los Cabos has been, noticeably, growing in numerable ways; The opening of restaurants, bars, luxury hotels, boutiques and adventure activities such as zip-lines, ATV´s, bungee jumping, jet-ski, etc. has boosted tourism and migration-people staying in Cabo thanks to its slow-paced, so-desired lifestyle. As a result, increasing the economic income of Baja California Sur. This has become a cycle, as you can see, the opening of these activities, has brought in more money, and that money is spent on opening more attractions which bring even more tourism helping with the development of the town. 

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All this growth has been amazing- more job and business opportunities for the locals- but it has also taken a toll on Cabo. The main attractions- like Medano Beach and the Arch- are packed, taking away their tranquility and peacefulness.

Luckily, Baja California Sur has a vast of different activities to offer. Not the ones people look at in marketing pictures or social media, but activities that connect them to the environment and ecosystem of the area. Places that leave a mark behind, thanks to their way of making others feel and experience instead of idealize and conceptualize.

Tourists are no longer leaving town with a Mexican sarape and sombrero, instead they take home a new way of thinking and everlasting memories. Nowadays it is all about experiencing, the pictures at the Arch in your iPhone can someday get lost, but what about the adrenaline you get when jumping off a rock in Sol de Mayo? What about the serenity walking for miles in the ocean at Balandra gives? Nobody can take those away from you. 


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Check out these hidden gems in Baja California Sur:

1. The Estuary in San José del Cabo

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Usually, when thinking of Los Cabos the first thing that comes to people’s mind is beach. It does have many breath-taking beaches but if spending the whole day sitting by the beach is getting old, the estuary is the place to go. It is the palm tree paradise, thousands of them make part of this stunning scenery. In the dictionary, an estuary is: “where the tide meets the stream”.

Personally, I would define it as: “where the sunrise/sunset meets your soul”. Watching the sun set or rise in the estuary is an indescribable experience. The reflection of it in the still waters surrounded by palm trees, tall grass and flowers is jaw-dropping. It is the perfect place to go walk your dog, have a picnic with friends or do some Yoga! I wouldn’t recommend swimming in there, but don’t be surprised if you four-legged, furry friend goes in there for a swim! Dogs love it! I could keep writing about this, but who am I to tell you about my experience? Go and experience it yourself!

2. Virgin Beach next to Hilton Hotel 


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For a long time, whenever I drove past the Hilton Hotel, I couldn’t help but notice a calm, clear-watered beach. I always wanted to go, but I had no idea people could actually go there. Not long ago, a friend of mine told me she had gone there so I told her to take me.

This beach is, indisputably, how paradise looks like. Tranquility, silence and purity is what comes to my mind when I think of it- definitely nothing like Medano Beach! We were the only people there, aside from a once-in-a-while beach walker! No noise, no music, just pure echoes of the turquoise-colored crashing waves. 

3. Balandra Beach in La Paz

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If time and transportation are not a problem, drive up the highway to Heaven- in other words, Highway to Balandra. On the way up there, you may not be able to take your eyes away from the window, every scenery so different yet so astonishing. Miles of beach, thousands of different cacti species, uncountable palm trees and “guess-what-it-looks-like-shaped” mountains make this one of the funnest road trips- in my opinion.

And of course, it gets better when arriving in Balandra. Endless blue, turquoise waters and contrasting mountains are what makes Balandra so magical. Walk in the still waters for a while without the water getting higher than your hips—and I am a short person! The beach is perfect for stand-up paddling and kayaking, both available for rent there. To be honest, this is such a fascinating beach and has been gaining popularity over the past years so many people go there, but I couldn’t leave the most beautiful beach in the Baja, if not Mexico, out of this list! Experience what serenity feels like in Balandra.

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4. Sol de Mayo Waterfall

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In the small town of Santiago, an hour and so drive from San José del Cabo, lies this gem. Sol de Mayo is an astonishing ecological ranch with a diversity of plant and animal species. If adventure is what you are looking for, this is where you have to go! Road trip, hiking and jumping off big rocks make this get away an adrenaline 
pumper! If adventure is not your cup of tea, sitting by the waterfall and listening to the water fall is also an incredible experience.Tall grass, big rocks and swimming below the shining sun make this waterfall magical!

Different tones of green and a mélange of butterflies- purple, yellow, orange, blue- make your mind fade away into a state of peacefulness! The diversity is endless, from intriguing chameleons to gliding birds, this place has it all! Sol de Mayo reminds me of a quote that has been going around social media: “There is no wifi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection”. This place helps connect to nature, connect to the environment we live in and let go of our problems made by the mind itself! Whenever you feel down, drive yourself up to Sol de Mayo and notice of how it changes your mood and attitude! 

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Models: Coty Childers and Florencia Pámanes 

Pictures and written by: Alexia Guzmán





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