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Meet The Team: Sofia

Its Sofia's turn to be featured on our Meet the Team section.

Here is a video of Sofia near our Flora Farms location (where you will usually find her) with one of her favorite brands: Subtropicalia.

Keep reading to take a look at her favorites and answers on her Q&A!
Faves from the stores:

Shop Sofia's look and favorites here.
-Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?
I would like to go and live somewhere else, I am not exactly sure where and what I plan to do, but it will be somewhere out of Mexico.
-A confession?
I wish I didn´t drink as much coffee.
-A picture of your pet/pets: 
-Currently excited about:
The new store 👀
-Future Goals?
Finish school 
-Quote you really like:
Keep moving, keep blooming. 🌼

-What makes you happy?
Dancing and being outdoors make me happy.
-What has been your favorite EA proyect to work on?
Day of the Dead Altar decorating competition.  It is an event held at Flora Farms each year where businesses choose a charity that will benefit if your altar wins.  Last year we won most creative, winning money for El Ranchito, a local pet rescue.

-Any tattoos with a meaning behind them?

I have a flower that I draw, really similar to a lavender that is my fave one.

-What is your favorite ice cream flavor:
Green tea 💚
-Do you have a favorite time of the day?
Whenever I have time for a glass of wine.
-Whats your favorite place to take an out of town guest?
The El Ganzo Rooftop

-Dog person or cat person?
Both 🐶🐱
Be sure to come say hi to Sofia next time you are at our Flora Farms location.


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