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Dress · Made on a loom and dyed naturally, all done by artisans in Oaxaca, Mex. It´s a multi-purpose dress, we wear them as a canvas and complete our outfits according to the occasion. It's perfect as a cover up for a beach/pool day or for a regular day that you want to wear something simple, classic and comfy. 
Necklace + Bracelets  ·  Made of tiger eye, smokey quartz, granate, lapislazuli and labradorite. Now with the new years approaching its the perfect time to manifest through a meditation with your mala beads.
Hat  ·  Hand painted by artisans in Puebla. Each piece is made to persevere and exalt Mexican art, representing in each one of them the symbolism, colorfulness and culture of the different ethnic groups folklore in our country. 
Bag  ·  The frontal side of this bag is embroidered by hand by the " El Arcoiris" group of females artisans in Chiapas, Mexico, Each Arepita comes with two different straps, so you can wear it as a shoulder bag or a belt bag. The name Arepita comes from the yummy South American circular snack since its collaborators are originally from Venezuela.
 Dress  ·  The project behind this dress is an iconic mexican fashion brand. Their main purpose is to preserve indigenous textiles working with artisans in forgotten communities producing modern clothing for today’s women.  
Head Design · The hummingbird or HUITZILIN in Nahautal, symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. It has been considered a sacred bird since ancient Mexico. 
Bag  ·  Made of brass. Includes chain to use as crossbody bag or clutch. Crystal is Kyanite. 
Tulum Sandals ·  100% artisan made leather sandals, made in Guadalajara with a 2-hour process for compleiton, leather ages naturally as it goes through so little process.
 Pants  ·  The linen Nudo Pants Natalie is wearing here come in a variety of different colors and are a must in everyones closet.  
Top  ·  The leather top is super unique and fun to wear on multiple occasions and you can always dress it up or dress it down.  
Clutch  ·  This clutch is a customer favorite since day 1 in all the colors available.
Necklace  +  Earrings  +  Bracelet  ·   This collection is entirely inspired by the designers childhood ocean flowers. They embody the imagination and magic we all felt so vividly as children.  it is interesting to revisit these objects that once held so much value. Start by fiddling around with them, exploring each angle and touching the textures. 
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