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Top  ·  Influenced by minimal structures and geometry. Clean lines are embelished with elaborately hand-woven motifs and traditional patterns. With creativity, design and harmony as core values, is created to revive the craft of local artisans.
Skirt  ·  Wrap piece: can be worn as a dress, skirt or beach cover up. Maxi length, swingy silhouette. This is a must have in your closet!
Pouch  ·  Vintage Burlap Pouch with Suede/Leather Side Trim.
The materials are eco-friendly. The bag is made from recycled burlap that she has spent years sourcing from all over Mexico. No mass production is involved: each bag is individually sewn and one-of-a-kind. Even the mecapál straps are hand made by one of the last families in the region trained in the traditional technique.
Huipil  ·  The huipil is an iconic garment that comes from Nahuatl which means blouse or ornate dress and its use is also considered a tradition that remains alive to this day. Making it an essential garment in any wardrobe. 
The Xaman frayed huipil is a sample of this, made with rayon which is a viscous textile fiber, made of wood or cotton fibers that can imitate the texture of silk, this piece has a shiny and very soft appearance. Our proposal of the frayed huipil is perfect for a daytime look. The brocade symbols that stand out in the huipil are part of the Tzotzil culture of Zinacantán. In each garment, the artisans share a piece of their history with us. 

Sandals · We are loving these double strap sandals, gripping perfectly to your feet making you feel secure. These classic sandals are the perfect pair to bring for summer vacation, and super easy to pack! The most comfortable style in the collection. Available in four basic colors, will match easily with all your outfits :) 


Vest  ·  Handmade leather is the new black! This unique piece is inspired by traditional techniques with a unique focus in creating 100% handmade leather wonders.
Earings  ·  Express your elegant side with these stunning 24K Gold Plated earrings features a cutout globe.
"THIS TOO SHALL PASS" bracelet  ·   The designer shared with us the inspiration behind this powerful pieces: 
"Four words that have been imprinted like an echo into my soul, whispered into my ear by my grandma Aurora, whenever the world seemed to crumble around me. "This too shall pass", she said softly, as I curled up into her arms, unconsolable, drowning in my own tears. And yes, it did. The imprint of her wise words often resonate in my unconscious, during ecstatic moments of bliss and also during seemingly earth shattering events in my life. As I navigate life’s ever changing ocean, surfing the unpredictable ups and downs, I always remind myself, this too shall pass. And thus, the present moment, as good or as bad as it may seem, becomes more bearable. CARPE DIEM."

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