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Beaded Huichol Skull N20

Beaded Huichol Skull N20

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These extraordinary pieces are made by Huichol artisans from Mexico living in the Sierra Madre Occidental. All of the beaded symbols represent the culture and nature surrounding them. A piece of art to enhance and fill with gratitude any space. 

Each piece is unique and we are able to design any custom-made piece to cater to your spaces.

Horn to horn: 26"
Tall: 37"
Horn to wall: 20"


Chaquira coloured beads and natural beeswax is used to apply them.

Skulls are retrieve from death animals. No animals are harmed to produce this pieces.

Care Instructions

Pass a damp cloth delicately.
Don’t put it on direct sun.

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These animals are not killed or mistreated by anyone who is part of this art, these are skulls found in the mountains by our artisans, whose means are not to promote animal cruelty in any way!

After the skull is found, beeswax is applied, covering the area where the beads will be laid. This curated job takes approximately 1 month to complete.

This purchase supports a Mexican community of Artisans providing economic opportunities for their families while ensuring traditions are kept alive.

Shipping & Handling

An additional $290 USD (Domestic shipping) applies for customized packaging and shipping with insurance.

This is an artisan-made item, with a small inventory. Can be eligible for shipping from México and can take 1-2 weeks to arrive, the wait is more than worth it!

We are always happy to help, if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with us at

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