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Skeleton Papel Mache

Skeleton Papel Mache

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The popular skeletons or Calaveras in Spanish are playful representations of death, that come to remind us that death is part of life and that without one the other cannot exist, in this way, we honor the ones that are no longer with us and celebrate life in every moment.

Get these fun skeletons with different glitter variations to decorate your home or to add in your Day of the Death altar. They are 100% handmade in Papier-maché.

Measurements: 24" tall


Papier-maché, is a material that is made of paper mixed with water, glue, and other substances and that hardens as it dries.

Care Instructions

Clean with cotton cloth, avoid direct contact with water.

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These beautiful and unique pieces are made of papier-mâché. There are two different methods of making them, one is to use strips of paper glued together with adhesive and the other uses paper pulp made by soaking or boiling paper to which glue is then added.

These pieces came from San Miguel De Allende and are made by Lupita and Pedro who are husband and wife, producing these pieces has become a family tradition for many generations.

Shipping & Handling

This is an artisan-made item, with a small inventory. Can be eligible for shipping from México and can take 1-2 weeks to arrive, the wait is more than worth it!

We are always happy to help, if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with us at

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