5 Tips for Capturing Moments in a Family Vacation

5 Tips for Capturing Moments in a Family Vacation

Photos are an important part of a family vacation, they capture a moment in time. Years could fly by, but if we take a look at a picture, we instantly hop into a time machine. Pictures transport us to the moment the picture was taken, reliving the moment and remembering what was happening - how it smelled, how we felt, what we were thinking... impossible to forget! 

With all the vacation happiness and excitement, we often forget about pictures. Up next are 5 tips that will help you have the perfect photo gallery of your vacations.

1. Find your camera

Cameras are essential for capturing moments, so you have to ask yourself how you would like your pictures taken. Whether it be with a digital camera, a professional camera, a GoPro or even just your iPhone...anything works!

2. Find your designated photographer

It can sometimes get very annoying when you are traveling in family or a group and everyone wants to take the same picture. Even worse when taking a picture of the group and asking a stranger to take it with 10 iPhones! That is why I would recommend choosing someone in charge of taking all the pictures of the trip and sending them over to everyone through Dropbox or Wetransfer. 

3. Avoid picture overflow

There is nothing I hate more than finishing with over a 1000 pictures after a trip. Most of those pictures are: repeated, similar, useless, and not taken correctly. You want to avoid spending your entire vacation taking pictures and not enjoying the moment fully. So, what I recommend, in order to avoid this, is to take only one picture per place. Try to think of the perfect photo for that spot, one that will take you back in time to that moment in the future.

4. Family/group pictures

Don't be embarrassed of asking a stranger to take a group picture. People get it and will gladly take it for you! You just have to make sure the person you are asking is not in a hurry, otherwise they will probably ignore you. 

5. Enjoy!

Don't get too engaged in your pictures. Remember it is better to be in the moment. If you get too into your pictures, and spend all your trip thinking about them, then what good are they? They will not take you back to an amazing time because in that moment you were only thinking of the picture and not enjoying yourself!


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