From One Mom To Another.

From One Mom To Another.

From one mom to another, lets keep it real!  In one sense this is not at all the way I wanted to spend my mothers day and in another, it is exactly how I wanted to spend it.  How can that be?  Our crazy reality is that we are living in a world of contradictions right now - and while I would love to go out to my favorite brunch with my kids and relax on the beach at SUR and get a massage at SandBar, I realize that MY DAY won't look like that... but know that it can still be fabulous.  Instead, I will start with mediation, prayer and yoga - let them fix me breakfast and a smoothie, watch a movie I would love them to see, relax by the pool and let them give me a massage, and if it doesn't go like that- thats okay, when this is all over WE (ALL MOMS) can declare a Re-Do.

In all reality- Lets remember that WE are blessed and have so much to be grateful for and think about those that can't be with their moms, or to those that may be on the front line working as health care workers, and especially for the moms that are sick and in isolation.   I challenge you to think about what Mothers Day means to you, and see what you CAN do rather than focusing on what you can't- so that you may CREATE a beautiful day - Maybe not the one you had planned to have... but who knows, what if it turned out to be even better!

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