Getting Unstuck to Celebrate Life

write blogs in my head, and have for a long time.  Thinking about what I will write about each moment and how to share the stories of our experiences, all the new products, talented artisans, great events, exploring Mexico and more.  

The last blog I started typing was over a year ago.  April 2017 to be exact.  I was super excited as we were getting ready to open our second Eclectic Array location in San Jose del Cabo in the Hotel Zone.  The location was turning out to be really beautiful.  I connected with a sweet friend, Kelley, a local interior designer that was helping me to work on the space.  We had everything ready and the shelves and furniture were being installed the next day.  Our plan was to meet at the store first thing in the morning to see the space together.  It would be a chance for us to experience the big reveal of the design together.  It was an exciting time...

Until Kelley's sweet mom, Aida, messaged me saying that Kelley had been in a car accident and that she wasn't going to be able to make it and that Kelley was in the ICU.  I immediately went to her house to see what was going on.  I couldn't believe it..she had a tragic car accident and had suffered severe brain damage.  Not only was she not able to go with me right then, but I didn't fully understand - no one did at that point - the journey she would have ahead.  


(Kelley and I in July 2018)

We are all so blessed to have Kelley alive after that tragic accident and still improving today.  Our plan had been to see the store together, get it all set up and do a big grand opening celebration.  With Kelley being in a coma and then having a challenging recovery in the hospital,  I never did have a grand opening celebration at the San Jose location.  It was not because that store wasn't special- but simply because I couldn't imagine doing it without her.  Now that Kelley is getting better I can't wait to have a redo...a chance to get unstuck.  I know many times in life we get stuck for one reason or another, when mentally and emotionally it seems hard to move ahead.  

I got stuck after starting to write a blog about the San Jose store, I wasn't in a celebratory mood and didn't want to enjoy it without her.  I felt like I couldn't write another blog until I finished this one that I had started, but now looking back at so much that has happened in the last 19 months of not writing it is time to get back on track and remember to celebrate each and every day. 

Stay tuned as we get ready to celebrate our San Jose del Cabo location.  Better late than never, so what hadn't been recognized or celebrated in the past and is now well over due, can now be celebrated with Kelley by my side...

As each of our stores is different and has a unique style and design, I am still so grateful to her for helping me to create the store we have enjoyed for a year and a half now in San Jose.