The story behind: Axkan Taller.

The story behind: Axkan Taller.

Hi, I´m Fernanda. When I was a little kid, I remember that my imagination was exploding with ideas, and growing as a monkey in the jungle of Caribe, had nature as my playground to explore.

One day, when I got older, some friends asked me if I wanted to collaborate in a backstap loom kids clothing project, my instant reaction was: Yes!

I could never have imagined (even in my wildest dreams) that I was gonna fall in love and dedicate my life to learn from the places I go, preserve the techniques that I admire and grow my family with all the people that along the way connected in ideas and passion.

At the beginning, I realized that maybe it was a good idea to get closer to the communities and people and I considered leaving my life in the city (Mexico CIty) for the new world I found, in Chiapas, that made me feel so alive.
So I went back to nature, this time to the jungle of Chiapas, my teacher. There, I found the purpose and the name of my project… Axkan (Now in nahuatl) and started connecting with people and communities all around my location.

Long story short, 9 years have past and I have been working with backstrap and pedal loom, natural dyes, embroidery, pottery, and all kinds of artisanal expressions in indigenous communities in Chiapas, Oaxaca, North Mexico, Calakmul and Asia. The variety and beauty of the artisan traditions is breathtaking. 

Axkan is my way of expressing the art of life, of nature and our wild roots. The incredible biodiversity that surround us. All the amazing people that cross paths to create, with heart and soul, positive changes in the life of all the artisans. It's all the exploration of nature expressed by hand in the colors, textures and shapes used in the pieces.
The representation of the history and culture united in something bigger than us, the essence of our Mother Earth is exactly what Axkan stands for. Our biggest inspiration is nature and the rituals that connect us with our roots.
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