How do I celebrate 4th of July in Cabo

How do I celebrate 4th of July in Cabo


Los Cabos is more than ready for a full day of red, white, and blue excitement to honor America’s Independence Day.

Los Cabos may be one of the only places in Mexico, to celebrate The Fourth of July American Independence Day. With such a large ex-pat community and the constant blending of the Mexican and American cultures 4th of July here will be everything you love about your Independence Day celebration back home and more. Here are some of our favorite options activities for this celebration:

Fireworks at Medano Beach 
Fireworks on the beach in Cabo San Lucas are a must. Every year, a high-energy and dazzling fireworks show during the Independence Day celebration lights up the shores of Medano Beach, the most popular beach in the city. Sitting on or near Medano Beach will ensure you enjoy an incredible fireworks show that would do any Independence Day celebration justice.

Dinner Cruise
A dinner cruise is one of the top choices. Many different tour companies offer sunset cruises that take you out onto the Sea of Cortez where you can enjoy the cool ocean breeze, dinner, drinks, and the fireworks from a unique view. Celebrate Independence Day by watching the fireworks, while anchored in the Bay in front of the lights of Medano Beach.
Hotel BBQ
In all of the top resorts in town you'll find a lot of 4th of July activities hosted from awesome beach side BBQ's, featuring all the classics: Juicy Ribs, the famous Burgers, Grilled Chicken, Bloody Mary’s and Cold Beer Specials; to cool and fancy Rooftop parties and beach club parties.
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