Artisan Series Episode 1: Joanna. * A Woman Overflowing with Love *

Artisan Series Episode 1: Joanna. * A Woman Overflowing with Love *

It was about 3 years ago that I met Joanna. We spent our weekends at the Sunday Market at Baja Beans in Pescadero and got to know each other over time. When I met Joanna, I was immediately drawn to her. She radiates love and has a magnetic personality that makes you feel genuinely cared for.  Her hugs are filled with warmth and every time I get a hug from her you can feel the good vibes and energy she passes on.

Joanna is originally from Venezuela and her and her sister live in Los Cabos, but the rest of her family struggles with the difficult economy and daily issues people face in Venezuela today. The stories she has shared about their life challenges are disheartening, but her love and commitment to them is admirable. She is incredibly talented as a designer and an artist that creates beautiful jewelry that allows her to support herself and send money to her family abroad to help them in ways they couldn't do for themselves. I feel honored and privileged to have Joanna's beautiful pieces as part of Eclectic Array and know that you will fall in love with her and her unique pieces too.


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