Why we do it?

We believe in providing fair trade and sustainable opportunities to indigenous communities of artisans worldwide.

Eclectic Array is an ethical fashion brand with a mission to create spaces that connect consumers to artisans, their stories, techniques, and heritage, allowing consumers to impact the lives of indigenous individuals who would not otherwise have opportunities like these to share their talent and art.

Our business's prosperity is a result of its inherent goodness towards others. Recognizing the significance of our global impact, we hold ourselves accountable to B Corp Standards. Ourdecisions are thoughtfully made, reflecting a conscientious awareness that encompasses the well-being of artisans, team, customers, and the environment.

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Our Community Impact

We support the community by participating in every campaign that we can. We financially and physically support local organizations like Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, Fundacion Sarahuaro, Pet Los Cabos, and other local animal rescues

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The Unity Project

We coordinate a beautiful initiative in collaboration with Ivan Guaderrama and Los Cabos Children Foundation providing underprivileged children in Los Cabos with access to quality medical care, through "Our Unity T-shirts", interactive t-shirts produced locally, and give 100% of the proceeds towards this cause. Since this project started in 2021 we've raised 13,096 USD.

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Supporting the ones that need it the most

Located just 15 minutes away from the most enchanting areas of Los Cabos, there are settlements where thousands of residents live without proper infrastructure, power services, or water. Our commitment to supporting is by fully funding two community kitchens that serve over 10,000 meals every month.

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