Artisan Series

Artisan Series: Irma & Pedro.

I first met Irma near Santo Domingo, a historical, beautiful church in Oaxaca City.  I saw her products and talent on the side of the road and after visiting with her she invited me to her home to see her work. 
I went and met Pedro, her husband, and her cute pup and spent time watching her bring her art to life.  It was wonderful seeing her and her husband sit side by side working the backstrap loom and then putting their pieces together on a sewing machine. 
To see her pieces she and her husband created, carried in the hands of our customers around the world by travelers that came to our stores in Mexico is really heart warming to me.  And now I am elated to bring her products to the world by having them online! This brings me so much joy to give her and her family even more opportunity.  What more could I ask for ❤️. 
This is the mission of Eclectic Array exemplified in one sweet couple in Mexico.  This is just one sweet example of hundreds or even thousands of lives impacted all across Mexico.

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