Cabo & San Jose Store Anniversary

Cabo & San Jose Store Anniversary

Looking back it wasn’t all that long ago. Summer seems to be our season for opening stores. Three out of our four stores all opened 3 consecutive summers in a row... as we prepare for continued growth and surprises- we celebrate how far we have come.

Since we opened the Cabo store we were working with a handful of artisans and producers and have grown to now exceed 200 groups of producers across Mexico. The addition of the San José store doubled our business a year after opening the Cabo store. Opportunities at Flora and Montage exploded our business to new levels, and these types of opportunities have provided living wages for indigenous and impoverished individuals that we support and have been of assistance to designers and other artisans that need sustainable opportunities. I love knowing that the more people we help, the more stories we have to share, the more stories we have to share means the more impact we have made in their lives, the more impact we have that we can share with you just encourages you that your purchases over the last 3 years have made a difference and will continue to do so. So next time you are thinking about your pieces you want from Eclectic Array- be sure to ask, who made them, where they came from, and how they were made so that you know that YOU do make a difference!

In honor of our anniversary sale for Cabo and San José, we wanted to give you a chance to see a sneak peak of the stores and how they look today and see a list of our Cabo team and San José teams favorite items.


Crop Nudos Negro   Pantalon Nudo
Baja Tejido Jewelry Line   
Bixi Awotan Handbags: Tulum   Balandra   Tzeltal
Raggy Rage Dress (Various Colors)
Pantalon Nudo   La Troupe Online: Poncho Salta
Alejandra Raw Online Exclusive Collection
Cristina Ramella Jewelry
Otomi Collection     Dog Collars & Leashes    Other Accesories
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