Get To Know Sparrow

Get To Know Sparrow

Hi, my name is Sparrow!

I am the official shop dog of Eclectic Array and people LOVE me. I will be the first one to greet you when you arrive and may even try to walk you out the door when you leave. My mom says I am her best team member at the store....I am always number one in sales and work for your love and belly rubs.

Let me tell you a little about myself...

I am a 4 year old Vizsla that moved from Dallas with my family to be in Cabo San Lucas full time back in 2013, and boy am I glad they did. I get to meet new people everyday, my favorite are the kids that come in to see me, but I love everyone - even other dogs, even though I keep telling my mom I am not a dog like they are. I think my mom has finally realized I am not just any dog at least! I work the day shift for hugs and belly rubs and then go home to snuggle my boys.

On my days off I like to hike, go to the beach, paddle board and swim in the pool. I should probably also mention my annoying sister, her name is Rubi. Everyone thinks she is really pretty but let me tell you her assets all went to her looks - she is the dumb blonde of the family. She is also a Vizsla that is a year and a half old. Our newest addition, Frankie, is a pug, that my boys insisted they needed because they wanted something small to snuggle - I think I am pretty perfect to snuggle, but what do I know, other than everything. We also have a turtle, tarantula, hedgehog and hermit crabs at our house...but don't won't have to see any other creatures at the store- JUST ME.

My style and favorite products...

I love to show people our dog collars and leashes; I wear mine everyday. My mom changes mine out about every 6 months because she gets bored and wants new colors, but not necessarily because I need a new one. I am really fast to jump in the ocean or the pool, or even follow my sister for a roll in cow manure on our hike. Let's just say my mom was really impressed with how easy they are to clean - just a little hand washing with gentle soap and she lays them flat to dry. When the leather starts to get dull she can just use a little Murphy's oil and shine it right up and it looks like new.

We have so many different color combinations and they are all really fun, certainly you can find what you want for your dog. My mom used to make us wear collars that matched our house, like we were accessories in our home...but this summer she let the boys pick out super cool neon and bright colors. One time, I was wrestling with my crazy sister and one of the threads pulled out of my collar, that had never happened and we play crazy like that everyday as she likes to try and pull me around by my collar... but all my mom had to do was use a lighter on the loose thread and it melted and looked like brand new again. At first she was scared to do it because she thought the collar would light on fire, but it didn't, it was amazing how it just made the loose thread disappear. We couldn't even tell that anything had even happened.

Our collars certainly make a statement and everywhere we go people ask us where we got them. And it's not a bad thing since it is not only more belly rubs and love and it is also going to a great cause. My mom says our collars are woven by a group of wonderful women in Chiapas, Mexico. The fair trade work we are able to provide, gives them sustainable living that can improve and impact the lives for them and their families, and the leather is done by a fabulous group we work with in Leon, Guanajuato. I haven't been there, but my mom goes and says she will take me someday soon.

Come and meet me...

The point in me sharing all of this was so you could meet me. Whether you meet me personally or follow me on instagram @sparrowandrubi is up to you, but I would prefer you come say hi so you can give me all of your love and attention and of course see all the cool stuff we have.

Hugs & Belly Rubs,

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Looking for long leash, in the dark brown with primarily blue, purple, greens.
Have two collars already ( love them) my fur babies kinda big. Shepard/Beagle & RidgeBack/Lab so the longest length you have. Wanting to check on price.


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