Happy New Year!   *Letter From The Founder

Happy New Year! *Letter From The Founder

Another year has come and gone and while time continues to fly by, I can't help but reflect on the past.  This time 4 years ago, I was on my first trip to Chiapas, MX where I met a women that changed my life forever.  Who knew the impact she would have on our business at Eclectic Array and even more for the lives of 50 women that together we support in her community.
4 years ago we didn't even have 1 store.  I was working at markets with a folding table just doing my thing and now we have 6 stores and more on the way... I know we all have people in our life that make the impossible possible.  Let´s be sure to celebrate those women this year!  
Empowered women, Empower Women!
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