Hurricane Harvey & Lessons We've Learned

Hurricane Harvey & Lessons We've Learned

When storm season rolls around each year as summer comes to a close, many of us that have endured these beasts get a bit anxious about what could be ahead. Now rather than sitting numb with anxiety and watching our loved ones for some and total strangers for others in a tragic state from Hurricane Harvey, let's pull together to make a difference.

As a Texan myself, born in Houston, I am engulfed with emotions for all those effected in Houston and the surrounding areas- I will continue to pray daily for your safety and wellbeing.  #HOUSTONSTRONG

While being consumed with the news and media from Hurricane Harvey I flash back to our first hurricane experience here in Cabo with Hurricane Odile. What we thought was tragic then seems minor now seeing the flooding that is drowning out my beautiful Texas birth town.

5 lessons we can all learn in times like these:

1. Be prepared.

A storm can rear its ugly head and things can change at any minute. Keep the needed supplies on hand: food, plenty of water, gasoline, generator, back up chargers, flashlights with extra batteries, candles, a stocked first aid kit. Don't wait until you need it. Buy a generator in advance so you don't have a price surge of 4x plus the actual expense.

2. Have a plan.

Communicate with neighbors and family in advance to have a plan. Band together, we are always stronger in numbers. We know things can change at any time but with a basic plan at least you aren't making rash decisions in the moment. Don't take your chances with a storm and evacuate if possible, better safe than sorry.

3. Don't be afraid to get out and help when you can.

This isn't always a good option available for everyone. But if you can safely get involved and help, or have resources that make a difference in the lives in others, you can be part of or lead a movement that helps in providing the basic resources for those in need. Don't over think the impact you can make by making sandwiches, providing blankets, sharing water, and more.

4. Open a dry room in your home.

Whether you are in Houston and dry or in another city near or far, opening up your home to evacuees and helping them feel welcome is a noble statement. There is a lot to be said for opening ones home for those that have suffered loss or were forced to leave.

5. Even if you aren't near by you can join forces with an organization that has boots on the ground and is doing good.

Whether it be through monetary donations or purchasing goods that can be given to those in need, you can make a difference. And that is exactly why we are giving 10% of our sales from our Summer Sale to Texas relief organizations. When you shop our Life at the Beach sale, you not only get 10% off, we will also give 10% to a Texas organization that is locally making a difference. Use promo code HoustonStrong now thru 9/4.

Regardless of the lessons to be learned from hurricanes, the number one lesson I learned and will never forget is: LOVE.

Times like these bring us together, whether it binds families or strangers, it strengthens entire communities, and this is all because of LOVE. Let us all have compassion and show and share love in times like these. In the end, it will change us all.



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