Insider's Look to Oaxaca City

Some of my favorite styles, art, food and artisans come from Oaxaca- so today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things from this city.    Next time you are in our shops, be sure to ask us which pieces are from Oaxaca- we would love to show you all the variety of amazing pieces that come from this beautiful state in Mexico.
xoxo, Faryn
Casa Oaxaca
With a colonial vibe to it, Casa Oaxaca is located right by Santo Domingo Church right downtown. It has an amazing restaurant and its super easy to just walk to shopping markets, other restaurants or museums.
Quinta Real
A luxury historic hotel with amazing staff and remarcable locations. It was built in 1576, the hotel was originally the Convent of Santa Catalina de Siena and much of the original structure has been carefully restored and remains displayed to this day.
Remigio Mestas Revilla's Shop
Remigio works with different communities to produce clothing and imports the best materials for the artisans to work with, you can see sometimes techniques from multiple communities in a single item and be sure that they were given fair trade for their work.
Draco is the perfect combination of modern fashion and traditional textiles. With the best quality of handmade items you will fall in love with basically everything they have.
Artisan Markets
Find artisan markets all around Oaxaca and see all the traditional pieces they make in the region as well as the most creative jewelry, textiles and bags. This is a must!
Los Danzantes
Beautiful ambiance, food and service, they use ingredients grown locally and make the best mezcal cocktails!
Best rooftop view you will find, right in front of Santo Domingo Church. Make sure to ask for mole when you go as it is a typical food from the area.and its SO good and unique.
Another great one for a good cocktail. They open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything is great. They sometimes have live music or events after dinner. Super friendly staff and they make their own bread!
Hierve El Agua Petrified Waterfalls
Amazing view and perfect for a hot day as the water is usually cold, great for pictures as well!
Making of Mezcal
Mezcal distillery tours are a must if you are into liquors, its totally interesting and fun to learn the process and try all the types of mezcal out there.
Etno-Botanical Garden
Who doesn't love pretty gardens? Right next to Santo Domingo find hundreds of different live plant species, the garden represents the broad diversity of geological formations, types of vegetation and climates that characterize Oaxaca.
Santo Domingo Church
Last but not least, the historical monument right in the heart of Oaxaca City. Building started in 1552 and took around a century to build, there's free guided tours that tells you all the history behind it.

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