Let's Make Magic!

Let's Make Magic!

At Eclectic Array we work with a few different categories of producers that create the products we sell.  We work with indigenous artisans that have a trade that is less commonly reproduced now as traditions are not being passed on generation after generation, we have artisans/creative producers and last but not least we work with foundations that give individuals an opportunity to learn life skills to sell their products to earn a living wage.

Sarahuaro is a foundation that is in Cabo San Lucas and serves women and children to empower mothers to build stronger families and break the cycle of poverty.  We represent this local foundation and give women an opportunity to sell products in our stores so they can provide for their families.

Take a look at this video to see the good in what the Sarahuaro Foundation brings to the Los Cabos impoverished community.

If you would like to get involved, volunteer or donate to this foundation we are happy to help connect you.

Or join us Saturday, January 12th for a benefit at Montage Los Cabos to raise funds to support the Sarahuaro foundation.  A little bit goes a long way- and everyone likes a good party!




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