Moms Make the World Go Round

Moms Make the World Go Round

I love being part of our community in which our stores have blossomed!  The Sarahuaro Foundation is a local organization that supports and empowers women to give them life skills and the tools to become better mothers and role models for their children to break the cycle of poverty for the future generations of their family.  The statistics are against them and with the help from others we stand a chance to improve the lives of these women and children so they can get a leg up in life.

Growing up I had a mom that never worried about us staying in school, getting pregnant at a young age or not being able to feed us.  We had opportunity all around us with activities, education and our necessities were more than met.  We were raised with confidence and self esteem and were able to stand strong as we grew into adults.  I think it is now our responsibility to aid others that have not be as fortunate so that they may have these same privileges.  Isn't that what we want for our children and for the children of the world.  Together we can come together and take care of the mothers and children that have not been as fortunate as us.

Here is a pic of my boys...I am so lucky to be their mom, and another pic of my mom that we love having time with whenever possible.


Take a look at the inside of the Sarahuaro Foundation, the women, and the children that are just miles outside of the hotels, tourist attractions and beauty of Los Cabos.  Aside from your purchases that go to aid this foundation with the products the women make, you can also volunteer or give in other ways.  Should you want to get involved, let us know.  A little bit goes a long way.





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