One-Piece Swimsuits for Summer

One-Piece Swimsuits for Summer

What is more trendy and "in" than wearing a one-piece bathing suit to the beach? I can't think of anything! One-pieces are perfect for every type of body and make most feel more comfortable than wearing a two-piece! They are perfect for covering up the "beer belly" after a drinking a few Pacificos at the beach!

Check out Mala Swimwear for a chic-beachy look and Acuarela Swimwear for a comfortable-surfer look.

Olivia by Mala Swimwear

Emilia by Mala Swimwear

Agnes by Mala Swimwear

Alma by Mala Swimwear

One Pieces by Acuarela Swimwear

Besos de Sal One-Piece


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I was just visiting at Flora Farms in Cabo and discovered your amazing line. I love these bathing suits I’m seeing in the blog and wondering if I can have them shipped to CA?

Lori Strantz

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