· Sparrow´s Birthday & National Dog Day ·

Our perfect shop dog shines every year on National Dog Day as it is also her birthday. To think that this year she is turning 9 years old is pretty crazy. She was my co-founder at Eclectic Array 6 years ago. This month 6 years ago she was with me all the time, always by my side- packing up my car to go to markets at Palmilla, the markets at Baja Beans in Pescadero and doing pop up shops in our home. I don't think Sparrow or I had any clue that for her 9th birthday we would have 7 locations with others on the way. When she and I were the original employees to now have a team of 40 people that work along side supporting what she and I started.
It isn't easy to start a business. It isn't easy to get up every day whether you make $200 dollars that day or $0 dollars, but with Sparrow by my side she kept me going. She brought so much joy to people around us and kept me going in the good times and the bad. Lets be real, business doesn't always go good -but it was like she knew that she had to keep me focused.
I still have people mention that they remember meeting us when we first opened each store and how Sparrow was at every store right along with me when we opened (well except for Punta Mita, that would be a stretch).
3 years ago Sparrow had anxiety when we left town and she got out of our house and was hit by a car and went missing for 6 days. It was really incredible to see our community come out to look for her. People I had never met (lots of them), flying drones and willing to go out looking day and night until she was finally found. No one will ever know how truly grateful I was for that reunion!
Let's all toast to Sparrow and to all your dogs that are with you through thick and thin- when we need them the most. Isn't that what National Dog Day is all about.
Happy Happy Birthday Sparrow! I hope you are spoiled with dog treats and love all day and everyday. Not just on your birthday for the rest of your days. May there be many more years for us all to enjoy you as our one and only Eclectic Array Shop Dog!
Faryn & Sparrow

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