Spotlight: Ebb & Flow

Spotlight: Ebb & Flow

I met this sweet gal, Cambria, last week at the Baja Beans Market in Pescadero. After visiting with her, her sweet smile, great energy, and super cute booth set up, it was minutes before I was inviting her to do a Christmas pop up shop at Eclectic Array. I figured now I had better tell you more about Ebb & Flow Jewelry.  

This cute couple is from Whistler, BC in Canada, and they live in Baja for six months of the year. This is their fifth winter here and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Their journey began when Cambria made four personalized necklaces for her mom, her stepsisters, and herself after her stepfather passed away. They wanted something personal that could be worn every day to remember him and cherish for years to come and with those first pieces came the birth of Ebb and Flow.

Cambria says "It's that same love I put into every piece, knowing I'm creating something special for you to enjoy".

She often refers to the jewelry with the line, "Wear Your Story"
All of her designs are based on hand-stamping words, dates, and symbols to help people express their story. Whether it be a word they embody, the names of their children, the coordinates of where they were married, or a word that serves as a reminder to "just breathe" or "love." Cambria says "I wear the word soften, to remind myself to not take things so tough or serious".


I asked Cambria what the most gratifying piece was that she has created and she said "While I find every piece I create to be gratifying, knowing I'm creating something special for someone, I would have to say it was the very first four necklaces I ever made, dedicated to my stepfather who was such a huge and important light in my life. He believed in absolutely everything I ever wanted to do. He always said, "Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be successful." I wish he could be here to see where those 4 little necklaces have taken me". 

For so many holiday shopping is so stressful, you want to buy the perfect gift, or don't know what to get someone that has everything, or you just want something a little extra special. Personalization of a gift is such a special touch, one that says I bought this just for you, and has special symbolism behind the design you create either for yourself or for a friend of family member as a gift, and I love that this gift is truly perfect for all ages. Perfect for a little girl with her name, or a mother or grandmother with the names of their children or grandchildren, or simple symbols, initials or words that have meaning or intentions for your life...

I hope you will join us for our event Thursday, Dec 15 from 1-6 to personalize your piece.  xoxo

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