Spotlight: you little RIPPA

Spotlight: you little RIPPA

Rippa started at the end of 2010 in Baja California Sur. It is a brand made with love for everyone, but targeting beach babes who like to be comfortable and ready for adventure. We asked the owner of Rippa, Brenda Barrera, to answer some questions about her and her brand - here's what we got:

 1. What do you like most about where you live?

I love being close to the ocean for so many reasons but mainly because I can exercise (surf), relax, and feel inspired. I like the community here, even though is growing way too fast. Baja is a magical place that helps each of us live our dreams.

2. How did you get started?
I was new in town and me and other friends started this project for fun. I just graduated from college and wanted to do something I love and fabrics and clothing has always been something I was interested on but never thought I could do it for a living.

3. Inspiration for your brand name?

I am a big fan of Australian culture, one time I heard these two surfers girls talking to each other in the water like: “ Little rippa…” and thought that was a sweet name, looked it up and knew it was this australian slang for something or someone that is top of the range, first I loved the name, how it sounded, later I tried to give an essence to this brand with such a sticky name.

4. Fun fact about you?
I am really short and have small hands and didn't realize it until a few years ago.

5. Feel free to tell us a story?
Oops, let’s have coffee and I will do so!

6. How would you describe your brand?
A mix of independence, search of uniqueness and artsy movement expressed in clothing.  

 7. What makes you different?
Rippa does not try to go with trends, it tries to express feelings, connect with the person’s identity, and stand out by the exploration of new fabrics and mixture of colours.

8. What is your favorite item to make or sell?
I love making hoodies. I have fun mixing fabrics, no one is judging and the result is always an exciting piece to wear.

9. What brand(s) or people inspire you and why?
Black Crane, their ancient Japanese culture is so inspirational, their work in creating their own fabrics and the final result is amazing! Also the people that inspire me are the people who manage to enjoy life while doing what they love. 

10. Anything else about your fabulous self...
I love music :)

Be sure to check out Brenda's collection in-store or online.

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would love to have more of your dresses could you send me pictures of your fabric and the contents——i do not want silk thank you

cheryl lafferty

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