Take Time Out to Practice Yoga

Take Time Out to Practice Yoga

Living in times where work and social events are so important, many people forget the importance of creating space throughout the day just for themselves. Not only does the body get tired of being in a rush and stressed out all day, the mind does too - leading to exhaustion, depression, illness, and unhappiness.

Yoga and meditation are the perfect solution to this problem. Yoga helps you be in touch with your body, mind and soul. You're probably wondering "how?"

By feeling your heartbeat echo through every space of your body, feeling your lungs expanding and contracting with every breath, feeling tingling sensations on your neck with certain movements makes you connect with your body.

By letting go of your thoughts, surrendering to the now. Being present and accepting thoughts for what they are, just thoughts - helps us connect with our mind. Taking out all the clutter our daily lives bring and coming back to our essence. Pure love.

By cultivating a feeling of love, compassion, and gratitude you connect to your soul. Love is all you are, and being in a yogic state helps you let go of everything that has distracted you from being your true self.

So, how can you sneak a time during your busy day to make yoga? 

1. Set your alarm a little bit earlier and do yoga before starting your day.

2. Go to sleep a bit later and practice yoga before going to bed.

3. Find a 15 minute break through the day to do a short yoga session. Believe it or not, 15 minutes are enough for you to feel the difference!

4. Find a yoga studio close to home and set a class time to go to at least twice a week.

5. Contact a private yoga teacher who can go to your house and practice with you. That way you won't have an excuse not to do it!

There is a Zen proverb that says: “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” There can always be time for yourself... you just have to have your priorities set. Ask yourself, what do you put first... yourself or your job?


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