Busy Mom's Tips For Getting Ready

Busy Mom's Tips For Getting Ready

Choosing an outfit, getting ready and being on time is pretty much always a struggle for most girls. But, what happens when you have to do all that PLUS you have three kids asking you for stuff, wanting to go play, wanting to eat, etc.? Things get more complicated when you are not only taking care of yourself. That is why we decided to ask Faryn Clark, mother or three boys with a lot of energy, to tell us how she manages to always look beautiful and still give her kids the attention they need.


1. Keep your closet cleaned out so you can see all the amazing gems and the stuff you don't wear and won't wear wont' get in the way.

2. Color cordinate your closet, so all the like colors are together. That way you know where everything is.

3. Use slim felt hangers to give your clothes space and everything in your closet looks nice, neat and uniform.. plus, it protects your clothes.

4. When you buy something new you love, donate something you don't to make room for new fabulous pieces.

5. Take pictures of outfits and include the shoes and accessories you would put with them and print them in a little photo album so you always have a quick reference for outfits you can wear. That way you don't stand and stare in your closet with no idea what to wear...no one has time for that!

6. If you live somewhere that has seasons, try to remove the things from your closet that aren't in season by putting them in another closet, or elsewhere so you focus on the clothes that are relevant to the season you are in.

7. Don't forget to layer and put on accessories...it always changes your look. A fun hat and jewelry with a tank top and jeans is amazing...

8. Look on Pinterest for outfit inspiration before creating your look book of outfits for yourself. Of course all these things take time...but when you do this with intention you will save time daily when you have little ones keeping you from getting ready and looking your best. When all else fails, hire a professional or have a friend come over to help you make the tough decisions in your closet and get it in tip top shape. A glass of wine and a girlfriend or a wardrobe consultant can surely go a long way.

If you are in Dallas, I would recommend Carla Watson of Style in the City. My husband had her come help me in my closet a few years back before we moved to Cabo and I can still say it was one of my favorite gifts of all time. It was a gift that has kept on giving in all that she taught me. TIPS to be quick and look fab... 

Hangers in closet

Do you have any other helpful tips? If you do send them to myeclecticarray@gmail.com so that we can share them!

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