Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

 May, the month to celebrate the only ones who can give birth to us—mothers. Their patience, understanding, unconditional love, kindness, tolerance and selflessness are just a few things to mention of how great there are. I don’t think there is a gift perfect enough to appreciate everything they do for us, but I do know that every mother appreciates and loves a good pearl jewelry.

Up next is a list of the top Pearl Necklaces, Rings and Bracelets for this Mother’s Day gifts.



Pearl Tassel Necklace from Laura and Javier


Pearl Hippie Necklace from Laura and Javier



Leather/Pearl Wrap Necklace from Holly Bishop

Las Perlas Necklace from Laura and Javier



Square Mother of Pearl Ring from Anni Lotus

Spike Pearl Ring from Laura and Javier

Pearls Ring from San Miguel Market




Pearl Bracelet from Javier and Laura

Lost Wax Made Pearl Bracelet


Mother’s Day in the US this 2017 is Sunday, May 14th, annually held the second Sunday of May. While in Mexico it is held May 10th every year.

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