What's in my Summer Bag?

What's in my Summer Bag?

Summer makes us think of being “on the go” and while 2020 has made that look a little different- we still are starting to get out and about a bit more whether it is near by for errands or a little further.  Here are some of my “must haves” that are in my summer bag whether I am going somewhere near or far.
1. Have a fun Summer tote- that will take you from running errands to hopping on the plane, lunch with friends or even a stop off at the beach. This tote’s colors and design screams happiness. I love it.  *Available in stores or online

2. I love having a glass water bottle for life on the go to reduce plastic water bottles, especially with so many places that require you to buy water. Check out @madefor - started by the founder of Toms Shoes, I am loving this new program they have that has 10 months of various aspects of mindfulness- with the first being about Water. The cute bottle even has beads to help you keep count and be aware of staying hydrated. I also love that it is glass- so much better for your health to drink from glass than plastic when you can. Do the research ❤️💦.

3. Notebook- I love journals, whether it be for morning gratitude or jotting down a quick note from a meeting. Don’t your cute note books inspire you more than one that is boring... I love all the options we have in the stores.  *Available in stores or online

4. Artisan zipper pouches are the ultimate way for me to stay organized. I keep a small one for my change and a medium sized one for my pens, highlighter, hand sanitizer, AirPods, lip gloss, basic necessities so they aren’t just living at the bottom of my bag, that at times could seem like a Mary Poppins bag that never ends.  *Available in stores or online

5. I love businesses that make a difference so Diff sunglasses are the obvious choice for sunnies. For every pair of glasses sold they give glasses to someone in an impoverished community that is in need. Check out all the styles we have at our shop at Montage Los Cabos or visit their website if you aren’t in Cabo. *Available in stores or by personal request

6. My Kate Spade wallet is a mini wallet and I love that it doesn’t let me carry more than I need. It’s so easy to go from tote to clutch when I need to make a quick switch.
7. I keep SPF with me all year round...no matter where I am, so this Peter Thomas Roth translucent powder is the best to brush on over makeup and retouch as needed. It has SPF 45 and doesn’t leave me greasy or mess up my makeup later in the day if I need to reapply.
8. Under what people call our “new normal”, we can’t go anywhere without a mask so I always have a mask on hand. We have so many fun artisan made masks it is hard to decide which one to take along...check them out online or in our stores.  *Available in stores or online

9. A BOA hair clip is my favorite on the go hair quick fix, whether it is hot and I want to pull my hair back or up- I love that these clips lay flat against your head for comfort. *Available in stores or by personal request

10. Not only do I love the beauty of our earth and want to care for it, but also I want to care for the animals that inhabit it so stainless steel straws are the way to go, when you are on the go.   *Available in stores  or by personal request

11. My wristlet keychain is a saving grace. I always have my hands full, whether I am carrying a large load or organizing kids, I seem to always have my a lot going on and this keychain stays on my wrist so I am not digging for my keys when I need them most.
12. I have a little oil ball roller for my outings too, it smells nice if I need to freshen up but is really because it contains oils from young living, Joy and Valor.  I think we can all admit it’s nice to add a little joy to our lives and valor for confidence to push through any challenges ahead.
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