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Our handcrafted beaded surfboards are the ultimate statement piece for your home, office, or business!

Each surfboard is meticulously crafted in Mexico, ensuring that every piece is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

The depth of Huichol art lies in its symbolism. Each color, each figure, each animal has a specific meaning and contributes a broader narrative.

It's a form of dialogue with the divine, a means of telling stories, preserving culture, and transmitting tuition from one generation to the next. Each work is a unique piece that encapsulates a fragment of the rich Huichol worldview, offering viewers a unique perspective on this fascinating culture.

Tau, a member of the Wirarika community, loves spreading love and joy through each piece he makes.

In essence, Huichol art is a visual expression of cultural heritage, serving to preserve and transmit ancestral knowledge, stories, and spiritual connections to future generations.

Each surfboard takes up 6 months to complete

Each piece is unique and we are able to design any custom-made piece to cater to your spaces.

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