A Sea Horse Kind of Love

A Sea Horse Kind of Love

Love is not only in the air, it is also in the depths of the blue sea. A great example of this love is shown by the sea-horses. Not only are sea horses cute as can be, but they also have “loving and romantic” all over their forehead. Seahorses find a companion that they’ll stay with for life. According to National Geographic, “Unlike most other fish, they are monogamous (meaning they only mate with one other seahorse for their entire lives) and mate for life”. Their unique courtship includes dancing with one another, displaying a variety of colors, swimming alongside one another, and spinning around each other. So Romantic!


They are quite an intriguing creature, since they are among the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the unborn young. When they’re ready to mate, the female seahorse will deposit her eggs into the male’s pouch, which is found in his abdomen. She can leave up to 50 eggs there. It’s up to the male to carry those eggs until they’re ready to be born.

It is said that sea horses die of love. Once a mate dies, the other sea horse doesn’t take long to die afterwards, since they can’t live without one another. 

 Sea horses are a symbol of love, romance and unity.


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