A women led, people first company

We are a company that fosters an environment prioritizing employee well-being, purpose, empathy and care.

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Open opportunities

  • Orders & Logistics Manager
  • Sales associate aka Storyteller
  • Purchasing Coordinator
  • Social Media Coordinator


When an employee joins our team, they embark on a journey of working towards being 1% better every day in every way.

At Eclectic Array everyone has the opportunity to grow within our company, we support each employee's personal development and professional advancement.

Each employee receives coaching to create a personal vision board for their life and aim to always dream bigger. This is not the place for people who want to clock hours and scrape by. This is a platform to build a better life and be the best they can be.

Same standards as top-tier brands

Pay less but receive high standard products from the same manufacturers, same materials as top-tier brands.  

Flexibility and versatility products

We provide service so you can adjust our products to your unique needs.

Our Values

CANI "Constant and Never-ending Improvement"

Alone, we can do so little;
together, we can do so much

Each day, we all come together not just for personal growth but also for the collective cause. This is more than just a job – it's our calling. We stand united, recognizing that our joint efforts are effecting positive change in the world. We're not just colleagues; we're a force working in harmony towards a shared purpose.

Where are we heading?


Our organization serves as a platform where team members enjoy the following resources:

-  Constant training
-  Final support
-  Financial education
-  Savings plan with special rewards
-  Incentives and rewards
-  Team trips
-  Master mind groups
-  Book clubs