A Time to Give Thanks

A Time to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving, by virtue of what it stands for, is one of my favorite holidays!
What better way to spend time reflecting on what you are grateful for and sharing that with others you care about. This year has been another tremendous year of growth for our company and also as individuals. I thought I would take time to share with you some of my personal gratitudes this year that I am reflecting on as
Thanksgiving is approaching.
  1. We have added two new amazing stores, which means that our Eclectic Array family continues to grow even bigger and that translates to more lives changed for our team and for the artisans we serve.
  2. More impact, with 9 stores now that we have opened we are impacting an unbelievable number of lives as we not only are contributing to the lives of the creators but also to their families and their community in which they live.
  3. We have 3 more stores scheduled for next year so far and that is just what I know of so far! MORE LIVES TO IMPACT - does it get any better than this?
  4. We have worked closely with organizations in our community, like the local pet rescues to make a difference in the dogs and cats of baja as well as our relationship with Los Cabos Childrens Foundation for our collaborative Tshirt to raise money and we won peoples choice for the altar competition at Flora Farms for Dia de Los Muertos.
  5. More new products, suppliers, and producers to match the growth and continue having new fun unique products for our amazing customers.
  6. We have worked to develop our team to have the best leadership team that lives fully each day and supports and believes in our values as we collectively grow.
  7. I am grateful for our Eclectic Array family that supported me when I needed them most- together we were able to accomplish more than I could have ever dreamed and to still have growth in challenging times is just beyond me. They are each
    such a gift in my life.
  8. AND, last but certainly least- I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU! That you, our customers, have made all this possible. I can't imagine life without you. You will never know the immense gratitude that I feel in my heart for you making this dream, this vision and this magic possible.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!
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I always knew you could and would make it. I am so proud of you and your staff and family. Can’t wait to see what is coming next year. Congratulations.

Debbie Newton

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