Corazón de Melón

Corazón de Melón

And once again comes the month of love and friendship… February.  Valentine’s or Saint Valentine’s day was originated as a West Christian Liturgical feast day honoring early saints named Valentinus. It was more of a religious celebration, but in the 14th Century it started to become associated with romantic love when the tradition of courtly love (knights setting out on adventures and performing various services for ladies) started to flourish.

A couple of centuries later, in England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by giving flowers and/or gifts, greeting cards, going to a romantic dinner, and receiving dozens of chocolate. 

Valentine’s day has been gaining popularity over the past years, for couples and also for single people looking for a Valentine for the day. It is incredible how even children in elementary school send cards to their crush asking for them to be their Valentine! Age doesn't matter for this holiday, since it is all about love!


In Mexico, and other Latin American countries, it not only a day for lovers… but also for friends. People perform acts of appreciation and gratitude for all their loved ones- friends, parents, lovers, brothers, sisters, family… you name it!

This holiday is beautiful and maybe even one of my favorites. I love looking at how people show their love for each other, forgetting about everything and just thinking about love. Love is in the air this day, it is all hearts, flowers, hugs and kisses. In my opinion, it is not even because of the gifts. It is more like the fact that you know they are thinking about you, that you are appreciated and love,  and also showing others your think of them and they are appreciated and loved. It goes both ways! 

Although, I do think people shouldn’t wait until this day to express their love for others! Give her the flowers today, tell her/him “I love you”, appreciate your loved ones and give thanks the everyone who makes your life a little brighter! Why wait until the 14th of February when you have today?

Spread the love!!!!


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