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  • What do you like the most about where you live and where is that? 
    Tulum is a small town near the beach in the Riviera Maya. We chose this place (or it was the place that chose us) as our home and the basis of our office work.
    Tulum is undeniably special. It is the meeting point of an incredible variety of people from all over the world. Energies are constantly changing. That fact is an inspiration for us, as we pursue eclecticism and nourish ourselves with diversity. Everything flows when you live in Tulum! Its magic resides in the jungle and the ocean, in its force of nature and its mysterious energy. We love the fact that it is still a small community with a family atmosphere. It makes us feel at home. We love Mexico!
  • How did you get started? 
    Our approach to fashion came from the hand of jewelry.  It was quite unexpected. We had different professions in Argentina: Gastón worked for several years as a lawyer in the Parliament. I have always studied and worked in advertising, being very passionate about filming and taking photographs. At one point in our professional careers, we felt the need to take a break and travel to try new things. It was a difficult decision because we left good jobs, a nice house, friends and family. We abandoned the lives we knew at that time and launched into the unknown. We took a one-year trip around the world. During the trip, we got interested in jewelry and began to study it. We wanted to explore ​​living another life for a while with the idea of returning to our professions after. To our surprise, we liked it so much that we decided to take advantage of the trip and study in each country we visited. People stopped on the street to ask us where they could buy the jewelry we were using and that's where the magic began. What was initially going to be a one-year trip took us two years and meant the beginning of our new life. Then, we fantasized about creating complete looks: clothing, jewelry, hats, bags, etc. This entire experimental stage gave birth to De La Rosa. It was crazy because we had never worked together before.
    At that point,  we felt the need to look for a place to base ourselves to develop all our ideas. We had made several previous stops in Mexico. We liked its culture and people, so we decided to move to Tulum. From that moment,  this marvelous adventure began: we opened our atelier first. Eventually, we inaugurated the brand's first boutique in the hotel area of Tulum. From that moment until today, we have traveled a path of beautiful learning: we got married, we had a Mexican son and we are both in love with this beautiful country.  It has been a path of transformation for us, through which we had singularly approached fashion. All those experiences became the inspirational base of the brand and those are the messages we want to share with our clients.
  • Fun fact about you? 
    We are a couple! We are partners in life and business. What else? Belén is black belt in Karate and Gastón is also a singer! Well we lived many lives!!! Before becoming designers, Belen used to be a Creative Director in an Advertising Agency and Gastón was a Lawyer at the Parliament in Argentina.
  • Feel free to tell us a story?
    DE LA ROSA TULUM is a conceptual brand whose objective is to encourage people to achieve everything they set out to do. Our story of change and personal growth was the motor to share with the world the following message: “Yes, you can!” 
    We all deserve to walk the road that makes us happy. We must follow our vision and desires, remain authentic and help others on their way as well. 
    Each piece carries a message, born from a personal life experience. That's what makes each one of them authentic and unique. We feel the purpose to share what we have learned through these years.
    Our collections seek to make people feel good, from the inside out. For example, our ANTS collection, whose premise is “Believe in Yourself”. The ant is our insignia, as it represents the values ​​in which we believe, live, and want to share. Inner strength, faith, teamwork, love, always moving forward, positivism, and resilience.
    "Ants inspire us because they are unstoppable. Together, they work focused on a higher-end. They remind us that there is nothing we cannot achieve if we believe in ourselves and work for the life we ​​dream of ”.
  • How would you describe your brand? 
    DE LA ROSA is a lifestyle brand based in Tulum, Mexico.
    We create styles that distinguish and concepts that empower people and encourage them to achieve everything they set their minds to do.
    We design clothes, hats, jewelry, and fragrances. We focus on men and women who live their lives to the fullest, have dreams and go for them, always believing in themselves. We want to be part of their journey.
    Produced in our own atelier, taking care of each detail, the essence of the brand is minimalist and timeless.
    The designs of the pieces stand out for their powerful presence, always preserving elegance. It mostly consists of clean lines that enhance the figure and become essential for every occasion. 
    They are key pieces for traveling, versatile, practical, and comfortable that adapt to all the moments of your life, day or night.
  • What makes you different?
    A distinctive attribute of DE LA ROSA is that each piece is associated with a suggestive concept that involves intentional meanings to act as reminders when worn.
     Different concepts, connected with the pieces, enrich the importance of wearing these accessories, transforming the ornamental purpose of the objects into a meaningful and valuable reminder of the inner power everyone has inside.
    We design super creative objects with many interior details, using top-quality sustainable materials, taking care of the manufacturing processes to reduce energy consumption, looking for the least possible impact on the environment.
  • What's the greatest challenge you've had within your brand?
    We believe that there are always challenges to overcome.  
    There are many challenges when creating a lifestyle brand and a lot of items to handle. Our present is great so there are our dreams, but we must remain organized to achieve the complete development of the brand in the way we aspire. We take care closely of the brand growth; we aspire everyone to wear our designs, but we want to preserve the handmade and craft essence.  
    It is also important for us to maintain a close working team.  We like to work in a positive environment and we appreciate the good energy and values in our team members. 
  • What is your favorite item to make or sell? 
    We love everything we do. Each piece goes from an idea to take shape in a drawing, sketch, master, test, and adjustments until finally finding the final design. That is why each one has our heart in it.
    The snake collection has a prominent place for us since they were one of the first we designed, and it`s a best-seller today. 
    The Snake palm cuff is one of the most original pieces that makes the greatest impact, we love it! It is comfortable, beautiful, unique, and highlights the person who uses it. 
  • What brand(s) or people inspire you and why?
    We feel inspired by people who believe in themselves, people that are authentic and go forward. Like Chaplin, Bruce Lee, Borges, Frida Kahlo, Pollok, Usain Bolt, Greta Thunberg, Malala, Nelson Mandela and brands like Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, just to mention some. 
    We are obviously inspired by Tulum´s amazing natural landscapes, its textures, the jungle and the ocean and the perfection of the animals and insects. 
  •  Anything else about your fabulous self? 
  • We wanna inspire the people around the world to achieve everything they set their mind to!
    One life! Love yourself, believe in yourself.
    Let's elevate our energy and make our dreams happen!
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