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Día de Reyes in Mexico

In Mexico celebrations never end, Mexico traditionally closes out its festive season known as 'Guadalupe-Reyes' on January 6th —"Día de Reyes"— Kings' Day.
 The date marks the visit of the three kings to the Christ child: they're traditionally considered to have numbered three wise men, corresponding to the three gifts mentioned in the Bible: with incense, gold, and myrrh and the 3 kings received names in the early church: Melchor, Gaspar and Balthazar.
Often, this tradition is more significant than Santa Claus: children usually write a letter to the Kings, naming the gifts they would like. On the night of January 5th, children leave one of their shoes outside the door along with grass and water for the camels.
The next day 6th of January, children wake up to numerous gifts left by the three kings or the “reyes magos” and the day is celebrated as a special day where the traditional Rosca de Reyes is distributed.
In Spain and Mexico, one of the most important elements of “Día de los Reyes” is the “Rosca de Reyes”, or the Wreath of the Kings. A large, oval-shaped cake filled with sweetened dried fruit, the Kings Cake symbolizes a crown. A small white figurine representing Baby Jesus is hidden inside the cake, commemorating the hiding of Jesus from Herod. Whoever gets the slice with the figurine must host a party on February 2nd or “Día de la Candelaria” (specifically in Mexico, the family gets together on “Día de la Candelaria” for a tamales dinner, the person who found the baby Jesus figurine in the rosca must buy the tamales).
So if you are in Mexico or just want to celebrate this special day, gather with your friends and family, buy yourself a delicious Rosca de Reyes, it can be enjoyed with hot chocolate or a uniquely Mexican drink called atole. 
Also, there're many campaigns to bring toys to underprivileged children in Mexico for Three Kings Day. If you will be visiting Mexico at this time of year and would like to participate, pack a few books or toys that don't need batteries in your suitcase to donate. Your hotel or resort can likely direct you to a local organization doing a toy drive.
Feliz dia de Reyes! 

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