Día del Niño - Children´s Day in Mexico

I will never forget my first “día del niño”!  I had just moved to Mexico almost 8 years ago with my boys that were 3, 4, and 6 years old and at school we were invited to celebrate the Day of the Kid!  WHAT? (I thought to myself), isn’t every day a “day of the kid”.  Wow- this country is nuts.  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and teachers day and secretary’s day and even national dog day...okay 8 get it- but “day of the kid” really threw me off as I felt like, especially in the US, our kids are SOOO celebrated that I couldn’t imagine having a day about candy and treats and presents and games on top of them being able to live the life of being a kid.  Nonetheless, I learned about this day and have grown to love it.  Why not have a designated day to really focus and celebrate our kids.  A day that isn’t their birthday or another day, just a day to celebrate kids.  It’s pretty fun when you get into it and realize we all want to be a kid again sometimes.
One way to keep your children, grandchildren, and yourself happy is by creating new memories. One place to do just that is in Mexico. What you might not know is that April in Mexico is the month that celebrates children of all ages with a national holiday: El Dia del Nino, otherwise known as Children’s Day since 1925.
On April 30th, all the children in Mexico are celebrated as an important part of society so the day focuses on the importance of loving, accepting and appreciating children.
They will enjoy celebrations at home and at school. They will get to enjoy exciting activities, festivals, music shows, magicians, special events with clowns and more. Something really nice and special on this day is that children’s charities will also make an amazing labor at this time of year to raise funds for less fortunate children and young people.
I hope you too have learned something new about “Día del Niño” and that you will choose to celebrate your kid(s) or your inner kid this April 30th.


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