Interview  ·  Pam Cosio

Interview · Pam Cosio

 Meet this amazing brand from Oaxaca who we started collaborating with a couple of years ago, their passion, positive impact and dedication to what they do are some of the many attributes we love about them. 


1. Tell us about yourself, your brand and how you started.

This brand was born at a difficult time for the world, 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, Pam Cosio, designer of the brand, felt the need to create pieces that were comfortable and easy to use every day. This is a 100% Mexican brand that creates pieces with meaning for both the body and soul, made ethically and sustainably, combining artisanal and industrial techniques that reflect who we are, that empower us and are fun. Pieces that create a community amongs anyone who uses it. We seek to "create worlds where the soul feels at home."

2. Tell us what makes you passionate about your brand and your vision for it

We do what we love and we love what we do, that is our main objective. We are passionate about each of the processes from scratch, each production is made in our workshop with our artisans.  We collaborate with master artisans from Mitla and Santa María Albarradas in the state of Oaxaca, where our pieces are 100% hand embroidered.

3. What do you like about being a part of the Eclectic Array family of vendors?

We love collaborating with Eclectic Array, it has been a catapult for us to grow and expand our market, the energy that Eclectic Array transmits and the relationship we have with them makes us feel at home, we feel that we're part of their tribe as well as they are ours.

4. Any fun fact you want to share?

Our line of shirts began when we decided to embroider a flower on an old shirt that we where not ready to take out of the closet, we wanted to reuse it and give it new life. We liked it so much that we decided to make a collection in that style.

5. What inspires you?

We seek to create pieces that are easy to use, comfortable, and of exceptional quality. We are inspired by freedom, fun, music and the sea.

6. Who is your team and what can you share about them?

Mi Tribu is a brand where designers, pattern makers, seamstresses, screen printers, master artisans, among many others, participate; made by women and for women, and by having constant productions, it gives us the possibility of giving constant work to all the people who collaborate within the brand.

7. Do you have a favorite piece? 

We love each and every one of our pieces, my favorite piece I think would be our JIMI shirt with his afro embroidered with flowers, simply great.

8. Please share more about your team and your inclusion guidelines in the company.

Our social impact relies on not having any intermediaries in our brand other than the suppliers of materials that are also Mexican companies. 


As we mentioned before, this brand is created entirely by women and for women, from the cutting of each piece to its labeling and packaging. Like Eclectic Array does, we have managed to bring to low-income communities constant work within our team of artisan teachers.

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