Favorite Guided Meditations And My Absolute Ritual Essential.

Earlier this year I said I wanted to take time to “be still” and meditate...who knew there was going to be plenty of time to “be still”.
With that being the case, I have tried to set the stage in my crazy home, with wild kids and barking dogs to have time for peace and quiet as well. There is no better time to learn how to breathe, pray, find peace and have quiet time to balance our mood and emotions.
These handmade ceramic burning plates have become part of my ritual of lighting sage or palo santo and taking time to quarantine myself to my room in peace...
If you are new to this practice here are my favorite guided meditations for you to give them a chance as well :) 
Gabby Bernstein Shows You How to Love Yourself First | SUCCESS
- If you have Audible they have free meditation too! :)
Free Bedtime Stories & Guided Meditations | Audible.com
take time to set the stage and take care of YOU too! 

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