How are wool stuffed animals made?

How are wool stuffed animals made?

The wool stuffed animals are made in Chiapas by Tzotzil women. Colorful and beautiful, the hand crafted animals that express the soul of their makers have quickly become a favorite among Mexican folk art lovers.
Originally wool animals were crafted by the women with the remnants of the cloths woven for the family and were given to the children as toys. Soon costumers preferences and suggestions encouraged the artisans to make different animals and to use bolder colors.
As it has happened with other indigenous artisans in the country some Tzotzil women have organized themselves in cooperatives that sell their crafts to fair trade and connect with projects like Eclectic Array. This way it helps them have an extra income for their families outside Chiapas that pays a fair price for their crafts.
Usually wool is obtained within the community from their own sheep; the wool is washed, carded and spinned, then it is dyed with natural dyes and hand woven in a back strap loom. After the cloth is made the animal is shaped, hand sewed and stuffed with wool.
A really joyful and special gift for this Children Day´s can be our wool animals.
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