Living My Dream

Living My Dream

I would never have imagined this dream becoming a reality.  What started as a hobby but turned into my real life.
I remember starting Eclectic Array at my home with my sweet neighbor that had recently graduated from college.  I had an idea to share artisan products in my home through a pop up shop, and then I took it to the next level at farmers markets and people kept asking me where my store was.  I didn't have a store, but it planted a seed that maybe that was the next step.  I kept my eyes open for spaces and once I decided that was the right direction, I took the leap.  
6 years ago in May we opened our first retail location in downtown Cabo San Lucas right off the Marina. I had a vision that it would grow beyond that store but to see it come to life has been nothing short of a dream come true.  I don't believe in accidents or coincidence, but I do believe that God puts us in the right place at the right time for opportunities to develop into something beautiful.  I can go back in my life and pinpoint moments now that I didn't realize their relevance, that I now recognize are massively significant.  
When I lived in Dallas, I had the pleasure of working with a coach, Julie Bell, that asked me if I could do ANYTHING what would I do...  I remember vividly, sitting in my tiny office of my Dallas based Facelogic Spa franchise and telling her that I wanted to live a life of purpose.  I wanted to do something philanthropic that gave back and I didn't know what that looked like.  I thought you had to be like Santa Claus or be independently wealthy to make an impact.  She simply told me, "hold onto that, it will come".  I can still hear her voice and think of her often and have told this story dozens of times.  
Julie was right, my (work) life's purpose was just around the corner and everything I had been doing was preparing me for this next phase, the next chapter that was about to unfold.  I could tell you 100 other stories of "coincidences" that really are just God's daily blessings and connections.  I could tell you about the time that Michael, a local business broker, contacted me to ask if I wanted to sell that very spa, that wasn't even for sale, 2 months after having the serious conversation with my husband about how we wanted to sell everything and move our family to Mexico.  Or the time that in my moms bible study group at Highland Park United Methodist, when I took a spiritual gifts test that said my "gift" was international missions (when at the time I lived in Dallas, TX and had absolutely nothing international in my life- aside from vacations).  What about the time that I just stopped into our store at Flora Farms but wasn't supposed to be there and the new resort manager for Montage, Victorio, waltzed in with two others after their dinner and we immediately connected, and that conversation lead me to open our location at the Montage Los Cabos.  Another time, I met a girl, Casey, that was trying to sell leggings and we became fast friends at a coffee shop and and after 30 minutes we planned for her later that day, for this girl that was a total stranger, to fly to LA for me to help deliver bags for the Oscar's Nominees and she later introduced me to another one of my dearest friends in Punta Mita, MX that through that relationship it lead us to opening the store for the Four Seasons Punta Mita.   Seriously, I could go on and on.  PINCH ME.  It does feel like I am living a dream.  
Thank you to each of family and friends for your love and support, my co-workers for standing with me and believing in what we do everyday, our artisans for trusting in us at Eclectic Array with your creativity and products to be able to share your art with the world and thank you to our customers for standing with us through thick and thin and sharing our stories with others to bring awareness and spread purposeful fashion.
I recognize that not everyone has work that fulfills them or that makes them feel they are living a greater purpose, but I do know that we can all live out our dreams and watch them unfold before our eyes.  I do know that we can all choose how we live each day and share purpose in every moment.  I once heard that you can have purpose in each moment, it may be the smile you share with a stranger in passing, or simply sharing kindness by holding the door open for someone or taking time to truly listen to a friend.  We all have a chance to live out our dreams and live lives full of purpose.  I feel incredibly blessed to have merely learned this lesson and inspire others to do the same.  If we all live our lives filled with passion and purpose, imagine all the good we can do and create.  I believe Eclectic Array, the artisans and our team have been blessed because when there is good in it for others, it is good for the world.
THANK YOU for these 6 years since we opened our Cabo San Lucas stores and the additional 6 stores that came after and thank you in advance for all that we can and will achieve together in this life.  

Faryn Clark
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Good morning,
I saw an add that you are looking for a sales person to work in your cabi San Lucas store. I have someone who would be very interested in the position.
Can you let me know with whom she would need to speak with or can you give me a phone number.
Thank you

Barbara Alvarez Zyrkowski

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