Santa Paws 2022 Edition

Santa Paws 2022 Edition

This year was different from years in the past. 6 years ago I started our annual Santa Paws event with Sparrow, it was an event that I did with her and for her. As I drove to the store this year in Cabo for this annual Santa Paws event my eyes filled with tears, I didn't have my partner- the one that was always by my side. I had anxiety about not having her to take a picture with and was filled with sadness, but I knew that the show must go on- that is what she would have wanted. I made a pact with her when she was sick that we would both show up every day and do our best and be our best for as long as we had here on earth.
When we started this event in Cabo, just 6 months after we opened the store, there were no Santa's in town to get pictures with for us with our dogs or even our kids. Because Sparrow was always the star of the show and we were popular for our dog collars it was naturally fitting to have a "Santa Paws" event that supported the local rescue organizations.
Fortunately for the two foundations that we supported this year, Sparrow was with us in Spirit, as we raised almost $17,000 pesos in cash donations and received lots of supplies for two local rescues. Thank you all for coming out, we had 49 dogs present for photos with Santa and this is a tradition that we always look forward to year after year.

The event at the Cabo San Lucas store on the marina supported PET Los Cabos and the event at our Flora Farms locations supported Casa Shiela. Thank you PET Los Cabos and Casa Shiela for promoting this event to bring more donations. We look forward to next year to do it all over again, until then- we wish you and your furry family members a very Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy your photos with Santa Paws.

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