Santa Paws 2023

Santa Paws 2023

It's Christmas time! A season filled with joy and happiness, the perfect time to give, to celebrate life, love, to be grateful and to be around those we love the most. 

So we thought… What could be one of the nicest ways for us to begin the celebration of this season? What can we do to include all in one event?

Well, definitely dogs, was the answer.  For those of you who have known us for a while or who have been following us for some time and know our story, you are very well aware of the love we have for dogs and how important they are to us, they’re part of Eclectic Array and of our culture so we opened our 2023 Christmas season by inviting Santa to some of our stores (as we have been doing this for the past 7 years) to come and share some of the spirit of Christmas with our doggy friends. 

This year, Santa’s tour opened at the Cabo Store, located at the Marina in Cabo San Lucas, on December 1st, followed by the Flora Farms’ store on December 2nd, and concluded on December 16th at our newest location Unóa in Todos Santos.
As he’s been doing every year, Santa took pictures with the pups (and in some some cases with a few “nosey” humans as well) who came, some of them, wearing their best Xmas customs or,  others, showing off their Eclectic Array’s hand woven collars. Their human families not only brought them, they also brought cash or in-kind donations to support the local rescue centers who were part of these events.
This year the foundations and rescue centers supported were: Casa Sheila, PET Los Cabos and Cerritos Beach Dogs. All of them committed to help as much dogs as they can -and very often much more than they are able to because of the high demand-  mainly by giving shelter to the dogs and cats found on the streets or in bad conditions, bringing them back to a healthy state, feeding and nourishing them, finding them new suitable homes and to organize and run sterilization campaigns, so vital due to the high percentage of strays on the streets in Baja.
This year, between the three events, we collected cash and donations including dry food, toys, blankets, etc., which will definitely relieve part of the multiple necessities of these centers. However, the need is big and never stops, so constant help and support is deeply appreciated, always. 
As said at the beginning of this story, what could give us more joy than to be surrounded by dogs and what can show more love than to provide the space to give to and to support the ones that help them find  a loving caring family and life.  Santa Paws was THE answer.
We honor the neuter/spay campaigns as without them there will be way more pups and kitties in need of a home.

2 dogs x 6 years without spay/neuter = 67,000 dogs
2 cats x 9 years = 11,606,077 cats

SPAY/NEUTER your Pets and save lives❤️🐾
As Thank you so much for those, pups and humans, who visited us in one of our locations and for your support and donations. And as Santa Paws says , “We wish you and your loved ones  a Merry Christmas filled with licks, barks and lots of hairs in your clothes and couches”.
By: Adriana Vellanoweth
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