Santa Paws was at Eclectic Array!

What could be better than pup smiles with Santa at Christmas?
Every year Santa comes to Eclectic Array to raise money and gather donations for the local pet rescues and to take photos with your family and pets.
Check out these adorable moments in the photos we experienced at our Santa Paws 2021 event.
· All your kind donations supported local pet rescues ·
The Donations served 
Pet Los CabosCasa Sheila & Baja Safe to support the needs of cats and dogs in Los Cabos as they work to find them loving homes.  
Did you know...
2 unsterilized dogs x 6 years = 67,000 dogs, 
2 unsterilized cats x 9 years = 11,606,077 cats.
STERILIZE your pets and save lives!  
Thank you 

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