Spotlight: Acuarela Swimwear

Spotlight: Acuarela Swimwear

Who doesn't love the beach?

And with a love for the beach, comes the necessity of swimwear, not to mention cute swimwear.

I had the opportunity to interview this super cool swimwear designer - Lindsay Smith from Acuarela Swimwear. Take a peak at this spotlight that will give you an insight into her story.

Lindsay's Story

About 10 years ago I packed up my life in Vancouver and made the move down to Mexico. Since I was surfing everyday I was always needing new bikinis, but I never had the funds to buy them. At the time I was only working small odd jobs here and there, and swimwear was much too expensive. One day I decided to get out my old sewing machine in the attempt to make one. I had used my machine in the past, but my sewing skills were not great. I looked up on YouTube for a video on 'how to make a bikini" and followed the step by step process. It was quite comical and took a few days but I managed to pull it off. My bikini looked horrible but it worked. This went on for a couple months. Each time the bikinis I made started looking better and better. The more I practiced, the more my skills improved. I also found a hidden passion for sewing that I never knew I had. I absolutely loved it, and had a love for designing too. I especially wanted to design swimwear that would stay on in the surf while still looking beautiful and unique.
When my bikinis started to look presentable, I wore them to the beach. Soon all my friends wanted them too. I continued to practice sewing and challenged myself to make different sizes for all of my friends. Then one day at the beach, a stranger asked me where I got my awesome bikini. When I told her that I made it she asked me if she could pay me to make her one too. She then became my very first client. I still have the 200 pesos that I charged her for it. She was so happy with the results and soon after I was creating pieces for everyone.

After another couple years of making bikinis from my home and selling them at markets, I decided to open a shop in San Jose. This was my first time really putting myself and my brand out into the world. It was an amazing year of growth. I ended up teaching a few local young girls how to make bikinis while they helped me at my shop. Now I am beyond thrilled to see them start their own businesses and enjoy the same passion as me.
Today I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. Living in Mexico, surfing and sewing everyday is a dream. I am inspired by my friends who I am surrounded by. Some were born here in Mexico and some from other parts of the world, but all of them sharing a common interest, creating a dream life and pursuing their passions.

Come join us for Sangria and Swimwear

Saturday, December 10th, from 2-5pm for our custom swimwear event. Lindsay Smith will be with us to take your measurements for custom bikini's for $100 or one pieces for $130.
Select your fabric, pick your style top and bottom, pick your desired coverage and leave the sewing to her and she will get your perfect pieces done just for you.

Can't make it in or want to get this gift for someone for Christmas? Send us your measurements via email, or buy a certificate at the store for a custom Bikini or one piece and have yours made after the holidays or give the certificate as a gift to someone you love.
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