Thank you for your support - We won!

Last November 2nd we participated in the annual Altar Contest held by Flora Farms, where thirteen companies participated, each of them supporting a local charity or foundation.
The event was incredible, you know we love this Mexican tradition, and this year the event was second to none. Flora Farms surprises us each year with an amazing culinary offer, live music, happenings and the constant support to all the companies that worked alongside to raise funds and create awareness for the hardworking foundations.
We represented Los Cabos Children Foundation, with an altar in honor of Carlitos Vazquez (1996 -2005), we were grateful to honor him in a way that his mom and family greatly appreciated. With the support of the community, we were fortunate to win the “People’s Choice category” with more than 320 votes to our favor, which allowed us to win $12,000 mxn for Los Cabos Children’s Foundation. Money that helps them fulfill their mission that no child in Baja California goes undiagnosed and untreated for Cancer.
Thank you for always supporting us, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by amazing customers and friends that join us in these beautiful activities and special events that bring both Tourist and Los Cabos community together. 
We look forward to participating again next year! 

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