Life in Mexico

Why we love working in Mexico?

Celebrating Mexico's Birthday we want to share a bit of why we love it so much.
Beautiful landscapes, great food and of course amazing people 
Mexico is loaded with culture; everywhere you go you will see beautiful spaces that are filled with art, music, and literature. 

But one of the greatest reasons we love Mexico is the people, they can smile, say “hola” and “buen provecho” to strangers passing by or seating at the next table and this just warms your heart. But the day we celebrate Mexican independence day, strangers become friends to cheer, laugh and sing together!
This Weekend we are celebrating Mexico's Independence day, and is a day of celebration but also to create awareness of the numerous hardworking people in Mexico that what they really want is to work and provide for their families. That’s the main reason we stayed here and started our company here, we saw the need and the incredible potential.
Our brand is focused on creating connections with artisans all over Mexico to empower them so they can create the stunning pieces you’ll fall in love with. We give work to over 400 artisans and partner with over 100 designers that do so as well. It started as a dream with only a few but now we have a community filled with people who love to create, that’s their passion and by doing what they are passionate about and getting to provide for their family is what makes what we do worth every minute we put into our business. 
Once you visit our stores, you will feel that you are in a museum and please see it like it. We have handmade pieces that you only see as the final product, but those pieces take months to produce and detail. 
We will keep working on this dream because as we see it, we provide work to artisans, and they provide a better life for them and their family and when there’s good for some there’s good in the world. 

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