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My first trip to Pescadero was right after we moved to Cabo 9 years ago exactly, back in November 2013. My boys were 3, 4, and 6 years old at the time and we had sold everything and moved here, as some would say we "burned the boat". We left Dallas with no intention of going back and no idea of what we were walking into. It was a dream of a land we had visited for vacation but had never lived full time. When we got here we explored every inch of Baja with our boys that we could.
Every weekend was spent in the Pescadero and Cerritos area about 45 minutes outside of Cabo. We called Cerritos Beach, "Sparkly Beach" as the sand looks like it has flecks of gold in it. The perfect calm waves for little babes to run and swim freely, boogie board and let Sparrow run wild down the beach for miles. We would play football and build dribble castles for hours and would go into Pescadero for breakfast or lunch. We loved everything that this area had to offer us. We joked with our friends about how we had to get out of the busy city life of Cabo and go to Pescadero for the weekends to get away. In Dallas our friends used to escape to their lake houses, but in Cabo everyone wanted to escape to Pescadero or East Cape on the weekends. 
2 years later after spending our weekends on the beach in Cerritos and Pescadero, I spent my Sundays at Baja Beans at the local Sunday Market in Pescadero. I set up a stand there every Sunday for 2 years through the season when Eclectic Array was just getting started before we had a store. We loved Pescadero and all that it had to offer! We would frequent Hierba Buena for my favorite fig pizza and relax with friends. Andrew and I came out for a weekend getaway to Rancho Pescadero, the most charming boutique hotel in the area for an occasional and much needed adult only staycation.
For years friends and customers have asked us if we would open a store in Todos Santos area and I was never confident with that being the right spot for us, but always knew when Rancho Pescadero re-opened their new space, that if I had a chance to be part of that project that I would be all over it. A few months ago that dream came true and I couldn't feel luckier to have the privilege of opening a space in this newly renovated hotel that is really incredible. Their values align with ours- supporting local and focusing on sustainability. I am so inspired by what they are creating and how they have brought their dreams and vision to life here in Baja and know that I will learn so much from this project and the incredible people behind it. 
When it came to opening this store we were excited about creating a unique collection with a new name just for them. In a curated color palette or merchandise for the hotel, this boutique would have a personality of its own. After trying to think of a name for what to call it, we were inspired by one of the other spaces in the hotel being named after a Pericu word. The Pericues were the aboriginal inhabitants of the southern part of Baja California Sur. There are only a handful of words that were documented from this tribe, one of them being: UNOA, which means "to give". What a perfect word for this space. It is a space that was designed "to give"- a boutique that will not only be a place that you can find unique items to give to one another or even yourself, but more importantly it will be a space that will give to the community and to artisans and crafters from across Mexico. This boutique will celebrate the work and will give work and opportunity and sustainability to artisan families all across Mexico. 
Come see us on your next trip out to Rancho Pescadero and experience this unique concept that was curated uniquely for this resort with a twist of Baja beach vibes infused with Pescadero style.

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