Exquisite handwork, timeless style.

Experience the rich cultural heritage of Mexico while embracing timeless elegance and sophisticated style. Otomi shirts are more than just clothing; they are wearable art that empowers you to express your individuality and feel confident and beautiful


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Traditional Textile

 Men are typically the ones that free-hand draw the designs then embroidered by the women.


Cotton, Cotton Thread

Care Instructions

Dry cleaning only

Passed down through generations, this craft tells stories with every stitch, drawing inspiration from the local environment, and captures the essence of cultural identity amid a changing world. The resulting visual narrative is a testament to the Otomi people's connection to nature and spirituality, with designs featuring animals, plants, and mythological creatures.

This intricade works takes weeks to complete

Through the stitches and vibrant colors of Tenango embroidery, the Otomi people share their stories and heritage with the world, making it not just an art form but a a way of living—a colorful journey stitched with stories, dreams, and aspirations, inviting you to be part of the tale—that has captured global recognition one stitch at a time.


My Otomi shirt is a showstopper! Its details and vibrant colors always turn heads, making it my ultimate go-to statement piece.



I got this shirt in San Miguel de Allende for my boyfriend and now he's rocking it like a pro! I love how it looks on him.