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Ants Earrings Gold Plated

Ants Earrings Gold Plated

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Sometimes the wisest lessons are given to us by nature, we just have to be observant enough and pay close attention to it. Nobody stops the ant, it is unstoppable until it reaches its goals. In this tiny creature, we find a symbol of endurance, strength, and focus, which teaches us that everything is possible if you believe in yourself and move forward with determination and an optimistic mindset. Believe in yourself to turn your ideas into reality, go for it and watch your future unfold. Come on, you can do this!


925 Sterling Silver / 24K Gold Plated 

Weight: 3,03 gr / Length: 2 cm / Thickness: 1,5 mm

Care Instructions

Always remove jewelry before showering, sleeping, swimming, exercising, or applying any cream or fragrance.

After every use, clean it with cotton or a very soft cloth to remove any dust - not a polishing cloth as this will wear down the gold plating-.

Store the pieces in a dark, dry place.

To prevent scratches, keep each piece in its own pouch.

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This purchase supports a Mexican community of Artisans providing economic opportunities for their families while ensuring traditions are kept alive.

Shipping & Handling

This is an one-of-a-kind item, with a small inventory. Can be eligible for shipping from México and can take 1-2 weeks to arrive, the wait is more than worth it!

We are always happy to help, if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with us at

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